At Catalyst Medical Group, our team of skilled radiology technologists is dedicated to providing exceptional care in diagnostic imaging and X-ray procedures.

Radiology plays a crucial role in modern healthcare, allowing medical professionals to look inside the human body without invasive surgery. Our radiology technologists use a few different services to provide the best care:

  • CT scan – Computed tomography scans that look at the inner workings of your body, providing crucial information for medical diagnoses.
  • DEXA scan – Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans test bone mineral density and help with osteoporosis diagnoses.
  • Mammograms – A specialized X-ray exam that provides detailed images of the breast tissue to identify abnormalities and signs of cancerous growths. 
  • MRI – Magnetic resonance imaging provides expert imaging to help diagnose your condition and plan your track to recovery.
  • Ultrasound – A medical imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to create real-time images of organs, tissues, and blood flow.
  • X-ray and digital X-ray – X-rays are one of the most common forms of radiology and are used to capture images of bones, organs, and tissues.

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Why Someone Would Need an X-Ray

  • Injury Assessment: X-rays are essential for evaluating fractures, dislocations, and other bone injuries resulting from accidents or falls.
  • Disease Diagnosis: X-rays help diagnose various conditions like pneumonia, tuberculosis, or cancer by revealing abnormalities in the lungs or other organs.
  • Monitoring Treatment: X-rays assist doctors in monitoring the progress of treatments, such as tracking the size of tumors or checking the healing process of broken bones.

What to Expect During a Radiology Procedure

When you come in for a radiology procedure, our experienced technologists will guide you through the process with care and professionalism. Here’s how radiology appointments usually proceed:

  • Preparation: Depending on the type of radiology procedure, you may need to change into a gown and remove jewelry or metal objects that could interfere with the imaging.
  • During the Procedure: You may be positioned on a table or standing when the technologist carefully aims the radiology machine to capture the necessary images. It's crucial to stay still for accurate results.
  • Post-Procedure: After the images are captured, the radiologist will analyze them, and your primary healthcare provider will discuss the results and any necessary next steps with you.

Is Radiology Safe?

A small but generally safe amount of radiation is needed to capture images through various radiology procedures. All forms of radiology are thoroughly safety tested before use, and some procedures are equivalent to only 10 days’ worth of exposure from our natural surroundings. 

Ensuring your safety during radiology procedures is our top priority. Please note the following:

  • Our equipment is calibrated to emit the lowest possible dose of radiation while still producing high-quality images.
  • If you are pregnant or suspect you might be, it's essential to inform the technologist beforehand, as some radiology can pose risks to developing fetuses.
  • We provide lead aprons and shields to protect parts of your body not being imaged, minimizing exposure to radiation.

If you're experiencing symptoms that require diagnostic imaging or your healthcare provider has recommended an X-ray, trust the expertise of our dedicated radiology technologists at Catalyst Medical Group.

For any questions about our radiology services at Catalyst Medical Group or to schedule your testing, please call (208) 746-1383 for Valley Medical Center or (208) 743-3523 for Lewiston Orthopedics.

Why Choose Catalyst Medical Group?

At Catalyst Medical Group, our specialty-trained providers are proud to serve our community and provide experienced and compassionate medical treatments to patients through our Valley Medical Center office and our Lewiston Orthopedics office in Lewiston. Our radiology providers have completed advanced training, specifically in performing radiological exams. With this specialized training, our experts have the experience and expertise to assist you throughout your procedure and ensure accurate imaging for diagnostics.

To learn more about our radiology services at Catalyst Medical Group or to schedule your testing, please call (208) 746-1383 for testing at Valley Medical Center or (208) 743-3523 for testing at Lewiston Orthopedics.