Our nurse-midwife at Catalyst Medical Group is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in guiding expectant parents through the journey of pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Pregnancy and childbirth are profound experiences in a woman's life; having a supportive and knowledgeable midwifery provider can have a significant impact. At Catalyst Medical Group, we offer comprehensive midwifery care, from the early stages of pregnancy to postnatal care, ensuring the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby.

Before Labor & Delivery

Creating a personalized birth plan is an essential step in preparing for labor and delivery. Our experienced nurse-midwife and OB/GYN team will work closely with you and your partner to understand your preferences and concerns. Your birth plan outlines your choices regarding pain management, labor positions, interventions, and the overall birthing environment. We respect your decisions and support your choices, ensuring a birthing experience that aligns with your values and desires.

To help you have a positive birthing experience, our nurse-midwife provides comprehensive education about the stages of labor, pain management techniques, breathing exercises, and relaxation methods. Understanding the birthing process empowers you to make informed decisions and actively participate in your labor.

After Labor & Delivery

Our nurse-midwife offers postnatal care education and guidance before and after birth. After delivery, mothers require additional medical care as well as ongoing aid. This can include breastfeeding support and newborn care education. Midwifery providers monitor the recovery of the mother, addressing any concerns and providing guidance on postpartum health and well-being. Our nurse-midwife can offer emotional support, recognizing the challenges and joys that come with new motherhood.

At Catalyst Medical Group, we recognize the significance of personalized, attentive care during pregnancy and childbirth. Our skilled nurse-midwife and OB/GYN team are here to support you every step of the way. 

To schedule a consultation with our experienced nurse-midwife, please request an appointment online at our Valley Medical Center location or call (208) 746-1383. Your journey to motherhood can be carefully fostered by expert guidance and compassionate care at Catalyst Medical Group.

Meet Our Midwifery Provider

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Why Choose Catalyst Medical Group?

At Catalyst Medical Group, our specialty-trained providers are proud to serve our community and provide experienced and compassionate medical treatments to patients through our Valley Medical Center office in Lewiston. Our certified nurse-midwife has completed additional training, specifically in reproductive care, including labor, delivery, and postnatal care. With this advanced training, Andrea Hedrick, MSN, CNM, has the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive care for expecting mothers as well as routine reproductive care.

To consult with our nurse-midwife at Valley Medical Center, please request an appointment online or call (208) 746-1383.