A CT scan, also known as a computed tomography scan, is used to look into the inner workings of your body. An advanced imaging technique, CT scanning combines X-rays with leading-edge computer technology to create detailed, high-resolution images.

This cross-sectional imagery offers an unparalleled view of your organs, tissues, and tumors, enabling your doctor to comprehensively assess their size and shape. Typically administered after significant trauma to the spinal cord, brain, chest, abdomen, or pelvis, CT scans play a crucial role in accurate medical diagnoses.

During the procedure, you'll recline on a comfortable table that smoothly glides into a rounded scanner. As the state-of-the-art X-ray tube revolves around the table, a 2D display appears on a monitor that is captured for your doctor’s careful examination.

Why Choose Catalyst Medical Group for Your CT Scan?

At Catalyst Medical Group, our dedicated team of surgeons and doctors at Valley Medical Center collaborates closely with patients to deliver the highest standard of care. We specialize in conducting CT scans and other advanced diagnostic services, ensuring precise and reliable results for informed medical decisions.

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