Our specialty-trained pediatricians at Catalyst Medical Group are renowned experts who specialize in providing comprehensive healthcare services for children throughout their development.

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At Catalyst Medical Group, our pediatricians provide primary medical care for newborns through 21-year-olds. We recognize the unique needs of young patients and offer specialized services to ensure their optimal health and well-being. Our comprehensive pediatric services include well-child exams, immunizations, sick care, behavioral care, and physicals.

Well-Child Exams

Regular well-child exams are essential for monitoring your child's growth and development. Our experienced pediatricians conduct thorough check-ups, assess developmental milestones, and provide guidance on nutrition and behavior. These exams help us detect any potential health issues early, ensuring timely intervention.


Immunizations are a crucial aspect of pediatric healthcare. We offer a complete vaccination schedule to protect your child from various diseases. Our team educates parents about the importance of vaccines, administers shots, and keeps detailed records to ensure your child is up-to-date with their immunizations.

Sick Care

When your child is unwell, you can rely on our pediatricians for expert sick care. We diagnose and treat common childhood illnesses, such as colds, flu, ear infections, and allergies. Our compassionate approach and child-friendly environment aim to make the recovery process as smooth as possible for your little one. Our pediatricians at Valley Medical Center are on call 24/7. Please call (208) 746-1383 to speak with us after hours.

Behavioral Care

Mental and behavioral health are integral components of pediatric care. Our team is trained to address a wide range of behavioral issues, including ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Our pediatricians have advanced training in behavioral care to help with navigating emotions and challenges effectively.

Sports/School Physicals

Our pediatricians conduct thorough sports and school physicals, checking vital signs, assessing fitness levels, and addressing any concerns that might affect your child's participation. These evaluations promote a healthy and active lifestyle while ensuring your child can engage in activities safely. When conducted as part of your child’s regular wellness exam, your insurance plan covers the cost of this physical.

Treatment of Acute Illnesses

Our pediatricians provide comprehensive care for children with acute illnesses, such as fevers, infections, and respiratory issues, offering timely diagnosis, management, and guidance for parents on symptom relief and recovery.

Treatment of Chronic Health Problems

Chronic health problems in children include conditions like asthma, diabetes, and ADHD. Our doctors provide ongoing monitoring, medication management, and support for children and their families to optimize health outcomes.

Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent medicine addresses physical, mental, and emotional health concerns unique to teenagers. We offer preventive care, screenings, and guidance on issues like puberty, sexual health, and substance abuse.

Developmental Concerns

Our pediatricians assess and address developmental concerns in children, offering early intervention and support for developmental delays. These include physiological and behavioral issues and learning disabilities, and our experts will collaborate with parents and specialists to promote optimal development and well-being.

Recognizing the Signs: When to Seek Pediatric Care

If your child experiences any of the following symptoms, it's essential to seek medical attention promptly:

  • Changes in behavior, mood, or appetite
  • Ear pain or discharge
  • High fever or recurrent infections or fevers
  • Persistent or worsening pain or fatigue
  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea 
  • Swelling, redness, or warmth around an injury or rash
  • Vision problems or frequent headaches

At Catalyst Medical Group, we understand the importance of early detection and intervention in pediatric healthcare. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized, compassionate, and expert care to support the growth and well-being of your child.

To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced pediatricians at our Valley Medical Center location, please request an appointment online or call (208) 746-1383. Your child's health and wellness are our top priorities at Catalyst Medical Group.

Express Care

Catalyst Medical Group in Lewiston, Idaho, offers walk-in care seven days a week with extended evening hours, providing quality, cost-effective treatment for unexpected injuries or illnesses.

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Why Choose Catalyst Medical Group?

At Catalyst Medical Group, our specialty-trained providers are proud to serve our community and provide experienced and compassionate medical treatments to patients through our Valley Medical Center office in Lewiston. Our pediatric specialists have completed years of training, specifically in the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in children. With this advanced training, Dr. Theodore Krisher, Dr. Darby Lynch, Dr. Todd Parkey, Dr. Angela Roth, and Dr. Tysen Weber have the experience and expertise to provide preventive and comprehensive medical care for your child.

To consult with our pediatricians at Valley Medical Center, please request an appointment online or call (208) 746-1383.