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Angela Roth, MD

Multi-Speciality Medical Practices located in Lewiston, ID

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Angela Roth, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician at Catalyst Medical Group. Dr. Roth provides newborn care and general pediatrics at the Valley Medical Center clinic. Catalyst Medical group has an office in Lewiston, Idaho. 

Dr. Roth completed her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at Drury University in 1988. She then went on to attend the University of Missouri, where she received her doctorate in medicine in 1992. Following medical school, she pursued residency training in pediatrics at Emory University and became an associate chief resident on the resident advisory board during her time there. 

At Catalyst Medical Group, Dr. Roth works with babies and adolescents, treating medical conditions such as croup, acute bronchitis, constipation, plantar warts, and dehydration, and all the other ailments, that find her patients. 

Schedule a visit to meet with her and the team at Catalyst Medical Group to learn more about how Dr. Roth can help your child achieve excellent physical and mental health. Dr. Roth is prepared to assist your child through their health care journey.