Flu Shot Myths

Dr. Dykstra clears up the myths of getting a flu shot

Some people believe you don’t have to get a flu shot but these are misconceptions about the flu shot so we asked Dr. Dykstra from Valley Medical Center to clear things up.

“You can feel somewhat ill sometimes after receiving the vaccine because your immune system has been stimulated so you can sometimes feel a little fatigue and that sort of thing but you will not get the actual infection of the flu virus by getting the vaccine,” explained Dr. Dykstra. “I think sometimes people think if they get the flu they’re somehow going to be immune about the flu in the future or something along those line. But you have to understand that the virus evolves around the earth so there are new vaccines every year and you have to receive a new vaccine every year. For anyone who’s actually had the true influenza virus, not fun at all, it can last for a couple of weeks.”