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Robert Mahal, NP

Multi-Speciality Medical Practices located in Lewiston, ID

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Robert Mahal, NP, is a Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner at Catalyst Medical Group. Bob serves patients in the Valley Medical Center, Express Care. Catalyst Medical group has a full-service location in Lewiston, Idaho.  

In 2009, Bob received his Master’s Degree in Nursing Family Practice from Idaho State University (ISU) in Pocatello, Idaho. Prior to this achievement, Bob Mahal earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Moody Northwest in Spokane, Washington.

A VMC provider since 2015, Bob Mahal specializes in Express Care. Should you seek treatment for coughs and colds, Nebulizer treatments, fever and flu, X-rays, sports injury, or another minor injury, Bob Mahal may take care of you.

Bob is an asset to Catalyst Medical Group and is dedicated to providing high-quality and value-based care to all patients. He welcomes all patients into the full-service and multi-specialty practice and looks forward to serving them.